AdWords Product Campaign

By using product campaigns, seller can greatly help to conduct sales on the Web. If you’re selling, take advantage of the opportunities. Promote your offer, increase  the traffic on your site or in store so you could find decided to buy customers.

Starting from

To create an ad campaign first you need to set up the Google Merchant Center account. On the account you created, you can transfer data about the products you want to promote. Then with the help of your AdWords account, you can start displaying photos along with information such as: the name of the product, store and the price. So prepared advertising is more effective than text ad, because it allows to see the product description and view before you click on it. This ensures that only interested and decided to buy customers will visit your site.

Adwords Product Campaign – advantages:

  • Increased traffic -many companies achieve much higher click rates trough product advert than standard text ads.
  • You get customers more determined to buy-  information placed in your ad helps buyers in decision making, because of the number of information on display about the offered product.
  • Easy management – ads appear in subject-based search results so you can easily specify rates for click and create product groups.
  • A wide outreach – user can view few of your adverts at the same time, also with text ads, which increases the visibility of the offer.
  • A transparent system of control and reports – with a simple-to-use system, you can check the campaign’s effectiveness, information about the competition and  use the rate simulator
  • Low costs – thanks to  the pay -pre-click (PPC) for your advertising You can specify the rates per clicks you are able to pay, so you have a constant control over the budget.
Kampania produktowa AdWords - przykład

Display of Your Adverts

AdWords product campaign allows you to display your products in Google search engine next to the search results (and regardless of the text ads), Google Shopping and Google search network partner sites (e.g. You Tube).