Google Analytics – connecting and configuring statistics at hand, that allow you to check what is happening in the online store, validate targets and control sales channels. 

Web analytics are essential when running an online shop/website. With Google Analytics, you will get great amount of information that you will use in the development of your business!

Why You should know the statistics?

Google Analytics is one of the basic tools that in a simple and consistent manner presents information about what’s going on in the online store. Its correct configuration allows to measure the effects of marketing and sales activities.

Want to know who visits your website? Who are your potential customers? Have they been attracted by today’s promotion? What are the countries, provinces, cities they come from? What are the sites of their interest?

With Web Analytics you can check user activity on your site, you can learn about their profile, preferences and customize your site accordingly. Ultimately increasing your sales. Collected data will allow to draw conclusions and to take appropriate action. Analytics makes work easy and saves a lot of time and money.

Google Analytics – correct, reliable and good quality data are the basis of the analysis that bring real profits!

With Analytics You can:

  • Generate approx. 80 daily reports about the online traffic, conversion rates, ROI etc..

  • Setting up the users segments depending on activity in the service on traffic source.

  • Exporting reports in varies formats.

  • Integrate with Google AdWords and e-commerce applications.

  • Unrestricted data collections from other websites.

  • Organizing colleted data acordingly.

  • All the information You need can be grouped together.

  • Reports can be available to others for fast decision making.

Run through following analysis:

  • Analysis of the source of traffic – thanks to which, You define the source of the most valuable source, which should be further developed.

  • Demographic analysis – You will learn about the age group, sex of your customers as well as their interest.

  • Technical analysis – You will learn about the number of users accessing your site from mobile devices, which can help You to make decision about making your site responsive.

  • Content analysis – You will learn which part of your site the most popular among the users.