Google Re-marketing

Re-marketing campaign allows you to display ads to people who previously visited your site.

Remarketing campaigns are carried out in the framework of the Google AdWords advertising program and allow you to effectively increase sales by reaching out to potential customers. Remarketing will help You to reconnect with people who have visited your website, but not made any purchase. By redisplaying matched ads, we can encourage the client to re-visit and to complete the sale.

 How is Re-marketing working?

The whole operation is based on the information collected from cookies – files that with the consent of the user are saved by your browser. Cookies allow you to get information about what pages had been visited by users, using this knowledge it will display to them properly prepared ad while users are looking at other sites located on the Google display network.

Re-marketing allows  reaching the customers who were previously browsing your site or made a purchase from your store. The role of dedicated advert is to made the client to return to our shop. In case of made purchase we strongly propose link selling e.g.. with bought tailored men’s shirt you can introduce to customer matching tie and cufflinks.

schemat działania remarketingu

Effective Re-marketing

Statistics are proving that re-marketing has the higher rate of effectiveness than regular  text advert. This way any advertiser can improve the return on investment ( ROI).

Well prepared advertising campaign

  • advertising message which reaches only to potential customers
  • good indicators of return on investment rate
  • increased conversions and company profits
  • campaign low cost
  • improvements in company’s image and brand awareness
  • building good relation with the client

Low cost thanks to PPC:

Thanks to the fact you pay per click (PPC) on the ads, not for displaying them, cost of advertising campaign are relatively low. It allows the new and small businesses  effectively promote their product and services. Clicking on the advert moves users to your website. The advantages of this solution is you not paying for number of your adverts being displayed to users not decided to buy. By proposing your client customized ads based on its real interest you getting more chances of its accuracy in result you may increase sale and profit.

In this way the remarketing campaign is getting to a narrow group of potential customers who are already interested in our service or product, but for some reason have not made a purchase, have abandoned a shopping cart or haven’t contacted us yet.