Other services

Running a website or the online shop carries some responsibilities to be fulfilled in order to function in accordance with the law. If your site does not have the necessary elements defined by laws You can be exposed  to unnecessary financial penalties. To avoid this we welcome owners of all online services to familiarize with our offer, where You will find everything that each site should contain.

We provide execution of the necessary elements of each service (the terms&conditions, cookies) to Your activity was adequately secured and function in accordance with the law.

You are required to provide your customers access to the terms and conditions and regulation of your online website or shop. The rules will allow both You and your Clients to avoid confusion when finalizing any transaction.

If you have not set  privacy policy on your website You might want to change this now and have us develop its missing elements. Remember that only services  taking care of their customers enjoy their confidence and directly directly into profits!

In accordance with the law, anyone who has a database of personal data has the duty of notification to the GIODO. We offer you the opportunity to develop appropriate documents to enter the database to the General Inspector of Personal Data.

Moving a website or a store on your own can be a very risky venture. We offer efficient and safe transfer of the small site as well as complex online service to any hosting chosen by You.