Joomla to WordPress migration – professional website transfer. 

If your website is based on Joomla and you are thinking about changing its system, please consider transferring it to WordPress, system enjoyed by millions of users all over the world.


Consider migrating your Website to WordPress when:

The security of your site has been breached by malicious software.
You are tired of the constant changes in Joomla and its need for regular updates.
You would like to have more free plug-ins to avoid extra cost for add-ons.
You are looking for a CMS that will be simpler to use.
You want your website SEO to be easier and more efficient and easier.

Choose a CMS which is one of the most popular content management system in the world!

Why is it worth to migrate?

  • Website based on WordPress is always up to date. This is because the successive versions of the system are being overwritten on existing files. System also keeps you notified about the updates through special alerts.

  • Lack of attention in updating older versions of Joomla, may result in the exposure of our site on hacker attacks. This is because they are no longer supported and can weaken your website security.

  • WordPress is a very simple and intuitive-to-use CMS. This is a particularly good choice for people who are just beginning the adventure with content management systems. Check the  WordPress’s advantages out.

  • WordPress has a huge base of free extensions. The script has several thousands of plug-ins. The vast majority of them are available free of cost.

  • With WordPress the SEO process is much easier and more effective.

Within the framework of the migration Joomla-WordPress we offering:

Installation WordPress script on the specified server.

Installation of necessary add-ons and securing page.

Moving all content, graphics, multimedia etc. to a new website.

Redirection of content available in Joomla to new addresses available in WordPress.

Selecting the responsive web template in accordance with page theme and current Google guidelines.

Keeping the structure of current content.