Migrating Joomla to the 3.X version – update older versions of Joomla CMS.

Websites based on Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 2.5 are no longer supported and developed. If you have a website based on this software migration to version 3.X is strongly recommended. It provides security and a variety of benefits which are not available in older versions.

Why should I update my scripts?

One of the best methods of protecting your own website is the attention to updates of used scripts, so that you always have the latest versions. Thanks to the update, we minimize risk of having “holes” on the site. Update of components is just as beneficial, because often new versions are enriched with additional functionality. Older versions of Joomla are no longer supported, which means there is no new updates and your website is more prone to hacker attacks.

Our offer applies to the migration from version 1.0, 1.5, 2.5 to the latest 3.x.

Aktualizacja Joomla z 1.5 do 3

Joomla 3 has improved cache support which greatly accelerates the page!

What’s new in 3.X version?

  • Responsive admin panel

  • Updated TinyMCE content editor

  • Built-in language installer

  • Corrected issues related to SEO

  • Ability to use PostageSQL databases

  • Built-in add-on installer

  • Improved indexing engine

  • Possibility of quick update

  • Current and supported add-ons

What will migration give You?

  • Firstly: SAFETY

    The latest version of Joomla is much better protected against malicious software and hacker attacks. The safety aspect of both You and your customers is extremely important so migration could provide You with the much needed security.


    Year after year number of customers who browse websites not only on computers, but also on smartphones and tablets is growing. They form a group that is expanding rapidly, so if You want them to enjoy the offers on your website, make sure it is fully responsive and displayed equally regardless of the type of device. With Joomla 3.X your website is guaranteed to be responsive.


    Continuously improved and developed system will provide You with a greater number of new opportunities. Solutions and plugins that can be used to develop your website, help You directing it and attract new customers.

Joomla Update! – Security, Responsiveness and New Possibilities!

Migracja Joomla 1.5 - 3

Joomla update step by step:

The back-end login data, data to the server and the database are needed.

After receiving the data, we verify the current add-ons their updates or equivalents.

The website is installed and secured to prevent breakings. We install basic security plug-ins, statistics, data backup, the basic SEO configuration and other plug-ins needed to properly display a website.

After completion we inform about the successful update. We send the data together with the history of made changes to the back-end.