Website Transfer to an other Server / Hosting.

We will migrate Your Business

Why trust us to move?

Moving a website or store on your own can be a very risky venture. In such matters, it is worth to trust professionals to avoid any loss of all your data. We offer efficient and safe transfer of the small site as well as complex online service to any hosting chosen by You. If You are not sure what hosting to choose will be happy to help You making the choice suitable to your needs.

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Stay safe by letting professionals to transfer your website or store!

The price includes:

  • Linking a domain to another server/hosting.

  • Transfer the entire contents of the Web page together with the database.

  • Up to 10 mailboxes.

  • Transfer the content of one mailbox.

  • Data backup.

  • Security of transmitted data.

  • The other, according to the prior arrangement.

Transferring pages – this is worth remembering:

As your business grows, each administrator may notice that hosting turns out to be insufficient in relation to the needs of the company. You may want to consider transfer in the case of  dynamic development of the company, lack of appropriate functions to support the service, when You share a mailbox for external customers or simply because You found another more interesting offer.

Thanks to our service, your site will function as before, under the same domain, except the hosting/server.

If You want to get more information, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Do not leave the domain and server move on the last day of the service!

Before You buy make sure that the selected hosting provides your website with the service You need.

Be aware that the transfer of the server may cause a temporary communication error with the server and the mailbox.

The service applies to the transfer of the contents of one mailbox. If you have multiple mailboxes contact us to arrange transfer all mail accounts.