Website Audit– it is an effective way to improve your website, Clients won’t want to miss it.

Huge amount of web pages takes pressure on you to offer your clients something special, something different. If your site is good but still not profitable  – check what we have got on offer and stand out from the crowd.

SEO website Audit – what is it?

Are you experiencing low traffic on your website?

You noticed decreased activity on your site?

It a strong signal for its update.

Don’t wait any longer – sometimes it’s enough to make few changes, correct minor errors. Let us run SEO audit to your website. You will receive a report with all strong and weak point of your service together with all needed instruction what to do to improve its functionality and effectiveness.

audyt strony www

WWW Audit – check the effectiveness and functionality of your website!

Website audit description

The website audit starts from a general analysis of a website aimed at revealing the actions needed to improve the search engine optimization We also check if the website is user friendly and how its seen by robots.

Price and time:

The price and execution time depends on few factors, that is why each order is prized individually. In results you will receive complete analysis off all error and our improvements proposition. We will be happy to assist you with introducing the changes to your website.

Depending on the website the following analyst  are run by us:

  • Analysis of its usefulness– verify the website usability and  ease of access

  • Graphix analysis  – verify the page layout, navigation, clarity, colour adjustment etc.

  • Technical analysis – verify if the website was created according with the widely accepted norm s and standards

  • Content analysis – verify and justify published information.

  • SEO analysis – verify the search engine results.