SEO positioning – Search Engine Optimization is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings. 

Websites we can now count websites in the millions, if not billions – and this does not help us to reach the client with our offer. So how can  you find  Yourself in the top 10? What does it really mean for you and your business ?

Let see some facts:

Average user is using search engines to find the product or service he is interested in. It turns out that over 90% of us is checking only the first page results. So called TOP10..

What if our website appears on further pages of the search engine ? Unfortunately it is completely invisible for clients.

Thanks to our positioning service to your website or online shop, your website can be on the first page of search results. So a potential customer easily will be able to see your offer and make a purchase. You will quickly notice an increase in traffic to your site which will translate into profits!

In addition, the company located on the leading positions are considered natural leaders in the industry. This results in an increase in confidence in both the company and the brand.

SEO positioning for website vary to a  SEO for online stores. Many aspects are different and requires  time and effort by which the cost of positioning online stores can be higher and may vary depending on the amount of products and assortment.

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SEO positioning is a complex process,

that is to optimize website for interesting key phrases. There are plenty of technical aspects that should be taken in order to achieve high positions.

Primarily we should mention about the website content and optimization – it has a huge impact on the ranking position as Google recognizes user friendly pages. Other important elements are quantity and quality of links leading to Your site.

You should take into account that the process of website positioning is not instant. Please note that often in the first few months You might not notice a significant difference.

Of course, there are companies that promise fast growth position, but it often happens due to unfair and unethical actions which are penalized by Google (by filtering or complete removal of your site from the search results).

What can we offer?

  • Attractive Price Packages

  • Safe SEO methods

  • Personal Consultant

  • High effectiveness

  • Online access to all results

How do we work?

  • We run Website analysis

  • We identify client’s needs

  • We introduce client to customised offer

  • We sign agreement

  • We implement set strategy

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Website positioning – what are the benefits?

You can targets specific group of customers.

With the right tools, we can track down and find the keywords used by customers looking for your services or products. Thus we gaining the traffic on the website that turns into sales.

Constant analysis

You get the tools to continuously monitor the effectiveness of the positioning of your website. Also with Google Analytics you will be able to check all aspects of the customer’s activity on you site.

Business development.

Increased website traffic certainly will lead to higher profits for the company. Out of all forms of advertising including newspapers, television or other traditional media website positioning has one of the biggest indicators of ROI (return on investment)

You can gain new customers at relatively low cost

Taking into account the long-term effects of positioning it is relatively the cheapest way to customer acquisition. Position in TOP 10 guarantees to increase traffic on your website and thus increase sales.

Quick results 

With proper analysis you can very quickly find your website high in search results for niche phrases that sell! However, if You want the effects for yesterday get interested  with advertising in Google AdWords

Long term results.

With the right SEO techniques Your position in the search engine should be kept for a long time, even after termination. Your competition will have a big impact on the position of your site, the greater it is the more possible your site is going to loose in rankings.