WooCommerce is an open source E-commerce plugin for WordPress, extending your website by adding online shop function for selling products and services

It is an ideal solution for You if your website is already based on WordPress CMS. It allows You to administrate Your website and shop from a single panel.

Why WooCommerce is the best solution for those who would like to run their business online?

WooCommerce shops are intuitive, easy-to-use, extremely flexible, giving you great opportunities all free of costs ! According to some estimates WooCommerce supports more than 18% of all online stores around the world!

More and more small and medium-sized companies decide to sell their products on the Internet and thanks to the sales platforms multiply your profits. With WooCommerce you can sell physical, digital, downloadable products or even products affiliate with other shops.

An additional advantage is the fact that many people already using WordPress platform, it is easily recognizable and enjoys great popularity among its users over other E-commerce.

Sklep na WooCommerce

WooCommerce online stores are one of the most popular
ecommerce solutions in the world!

Example of WooCommerce benefits:

  • It has been reviewed by millions of users.

  • More than 300 plugins are available for you.

  • Provides a high level of security.

  • It is practical and functional.

  • Buyer friendly.

  • It’s a free e-commerce plugin.

What are the benefits for WooCommerce owners:

  • Ability to sell products 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • Reduce the costs of hiring staff and hiring a store.

  • Sales both domestic and worldwide.

  • Offer customized for a specific customer.

  • Increased brand recognition.

Thanks to WooCommerce we create modern sales platforms
tailored to your needs!

Check out what WooCommerce gives you:

  • Payment Options – the system supports credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, download payments and gateways on most platforms.

  • Control – WooCommerce gives you total control over the store, taxes, stocks, customer accounts, store design.

  • Functionality –  wide range of options allows You to customize your online store at your preferences and run it without any effort.

  • Security – WooCommerce is controlled by developers who are constantly fixing appearing bugs.

  • Product management – You can easily manage prices, pictures, description, delivery costs etc..

  • Monitoring – stock levels, outstanding orders and sales statistics.

  • Bonuses – thanks to WooCommerce you can generate discount codes.

  • Optimization – WooCommerce has all the necessary tools for optimization and marketing.

  • Email Templates – allows You to create nice and responsive messages in minutes.

  • Easy ordering process – extremely user-friendly procedure for shoppers to order products even without registration.

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